Take a Break!

Hey guys! You know, staying healthy and working out sometimes can get annoying. I mean, don’t you just want to eat and watch Netflix? Well, I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE to do just that! Actually, trying to stay healthy can take a lot out from a person, and it’s totally fine to take a break once in a while. It’s ok to eat out or just order some pizza, and have a fun night with some family and friends!

As for me, I have two younger sisters. We are ten to 10-11 years apart. Sometimes, I feel like they are also working really hard, whether it’s for school or extracurricular activities. I tell my sisters that they should have  something to look forward to when they are doing their homework. Everything should be done in moderation. In my case, I plan a movie night every month for my sisters and I. We either make or order pizza, have chips, and sometimes make s’mores! Of course, they have to finish their homework and get good grades, but at least they have something to look forward to. I guess you can think of it as a reward. I reward my sisters and I with a movie night every month! Yes, I reward myself too.

Frankly, I also look forward to these nights. I am a 90’s kids, so the shows or the movies that I’ve watched, my sisters haven’t even heard of them. So, I introduce it to them and so far, they’ve enjoy it! After the movie night ends, we start planning for the next one immediately. This keeps my sisters excited for next time!

The point of this wasn’t to bore you, but instead, I want to make a point. After some hard work, it is good to reward yourself. You may not realize it, but your mind and body will also be grateful. A reward is only meaningful when you your truly deserve it and that is the best feeling one can get. Whether your workout or pig out, remember, everything is always better in moderation.


5 thoughts on “Take a Break!

  1. I feel like my extra time is ALWAYS spent watching Netflix, I should really find better ways to spend my time. BUT I do agree we should reward ourselves, but maybe I should find something that I might get a little back from than just Netlfix.

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